Sales Policy


Please read our sales agreement in its entirety before agreeing to purchase a rabbit. It will be assumed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement if you have made a deposit or paid in full for a rabbit.

WR PRICELESS RABBITRY is a closed rabbitry. We do not allow visitors for the safety of all our rabbits.

No rabbit is considered sold unless a deposit has been made. So if you have talked to us about a rabbit and said you want the rabbit and we both said ok we're just agreeing with you DO NOT assume we are holding the rabbit for you. Again if no deposit has been made then the rabbit is not yours yet and if someone else puts a deposit down on the rabbit all I can say is we're sorry. DEPOSITS HOLD YOUR RABBIT !


WR PRICELESS RABBITRY requires a 50 % non-refundable deposit on all rabbits. I do not offer discounts for multiple rabbits. All sales are in a 1st come 1st serve basis and buyers must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult to purchase a rabbit.

All Deposits are to be made via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle

@Priceless-1….Venmo…. Paypal family option only to avoid the service charge if not the service charge will be added at time of pick up.



WR PRICELESS RABBITRY reserves the right to terminate a sale for any reason at any time. If we terminate a sale all monies will be refunded to original purchaser. Next buyer in line will be given a

24-hour period to place a deposit on said rabbit or rabbit will for be available to the next party.


WR PRICELESS RABBITRY will not refund because someone in the family has an allergy, you do not like the animal it doesn't fit your family, injury or a health concern. Please be sure before making a deposit. If the animal has a health issue with a veterinarian health check and written issue is the only reason, we will accept an animal back into our rabbitry. Buyer will be given a full refund. There is no guarantee on the color, size, personality, behavior, reproduction ability, genetic defects, or show future on any of our rabbits.


WR PRICELESS RABBITRY will not ship a rabbit. We do however work with transportation if needed but it is up to the buyer to arrange with transporting company. We will only go within a 100-mile range to meet with transporters. If we are needed to go further there will an additional charge. At that time, the buyer would need to contact WR PRICELESS RABBITRY and see that we can arrange our schedule to meet with the transport company. It is the buyer’s responsibility for any & all shipping costs.


Once a rabbit has been purchased, I allow 1 week for pick up. If rabbit cannot be picked up within 7 days, there will be an additional $5 a day boarding fee (must be previously discussed). If boarding fee is not paid bunny goes back up for sale and there will be no refunds on said bunny. I have no problems working with individuals on some cases. All rabbits will leave with transition food.


If WR PRICELESS RABBITRY sexed a rabbit wrong for any reason WR PRICELESS RABBITRY will allow buyers to select another rabbit only. Refunds will not be given. This being the only time we would accept a rabbit back into our rabbitry. We will allow this to happen only on babies sold under the age of 4 months. If we evaluate the bunny after being sold and find it is the right sex, there will be no exchanges.


All rabbits come with pedigrees and will be named. On the pedigree the rabbits ear tag may be listed if so when the rabbit is old enough to tag the ear the ear tag number in the pedigree must be used. All information on pedigree is not to be altered in anyway.

If there is a tattoo ( ear tag ) on a pedigree and we have not tattooed the bunny you will be advised of this prior to taking your bunny home.


If there is a wait list for any of our rabbits and you would like to be added to the wait list just send us a message. We need your name, email address, contact number and sex of rabbit you are interested in. If at the time your requesting to be added and you're not sure of what sex you're wanting advise both sexes that way you've covered your basis. At 6 weeks of age ( 8 weeks for Flemish Giants ) we will contact you to see if you are still interested in said bunny. At that time you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the purchase price. You will have 24 hours to do so. If payment is not made within that 24 hours we will move on to the next buyer. If you are no longer interested we will continue down the list as well. Be advised we will take names for the waiting until all bunnies are sold. It is possible that you will see more names than available bunnies. Just know that if someone doesn't back out it is possible you will not be able to purchase from that litter. Sorry for any inconvenience but we try to be fair for everyone. So if you're interested and there's a wait list we highly recommend you request to be added. The list is done on a first come first serve basis and you will be contacted in that order. If someone has made a deposit before the time they need to then obviously they will have there pick over the wait list. That information will be indicated on the wait list for everyone to view.

Thank you for your interest in

WR PRICELESS RABBITRY bunnies. We hope to be doing business with you soon.

Wayne and Renae Price


Manteca, Ca. 95337